Nano Electrochemistry

Nanoelectrochemistry by applying its interdisciplinary in various field like electronics, biology, energy can conceive new devices that can serve as sensors, actuators, Nano electronics, exploring its optical, magnetic and electronic properties. In addition to this they are used in energy storage sytems as the nanocomposite are seen to be of high power density. The electrical behaviour of evenly colloidal nanoparticles in an homogenous solution depends on the surface charges, the presence of ions, surfactants at the Nano-interface studied broadly as Colloidal Chemistry. Nanotechnology offers various host systems for the delivery of drug molecule at the target sites which are electro-spun by the application of high electric potential. The fusion of nanotechnology and electrochemical technology has given birth to the Electrochemical Scanning Tunnelling Microscope.

  • Nano-Interface Electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical Nano fluidic devices.
  • Nano Catalysis
  • Graphite based electrodes

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