Polymers Electrochemistry

The conductive property of Electro polymerized polymers upon oxidation is on the same scale as that of the metals. Adding more to its advantage is its flexibility and light-weight enlarging its application circle towards digital electronic systems like OLEDs, Opto-Electronic devices and Photo-chemical resists which can be used in Nanolithography. These polymers have found application as Supercapacitors, Light Emitting Diode, Solar cells, Field Effect Transistor, actuators and Bio-Sensors. The conducting polymers can be synthesized by Electrochemical method, Photochemical Method, Metathesis Method, Concentrated Emulsion Method, Inclusion Method, Solid State Method, Plasma Polymerization, Pyrolysis Method The performance value of the conducting polymers can be improved by incorporating nanomaterial like CNT in them. The incorporation of the type of nanoparticles varies according to the application of the polymer. Thus the polymers electrochemistry has marked its importance in microelectronics, Nano electronics, electro catalysis, fuel cell electrodes, and data storage and bio medical applications.

  • Organic Electronics
  • Opto-electronic devices
  • Flexible Electronics
  • Photochemical Resists
  • Polymer Nanotechnology

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